Black Kettle Kitchen


CATERING- North Idaho

We offer buffet style catering for businesses, special events and small social gatherings. Menus are customized to individual needs. Please contact us to discuss availability and menu options for your hosted or host-free catered event. or Call/Text (208)682-0425


Community Day DELIVERY - Silver Valley

We love to make your day brighter and a little easier by delivering food to your workplace or home office. Currently we offer two community days each month, so you can enjoy a personal order of BKK food with free delivery & no minimum fee. We generally offer soups, salads and bowl foods, but you never know what may pop up on the menu. Please watch our Instagram or Facebook pages for the Community Day Menu, ordering & delivery details.


Gluten-Wise Kitchen

Although our kitchen isn't 100% gluten free, we are committed to the awareness of cross contamination concerning wheat and other allergens. The majority of ingredients or products we use are gluten free. All of our house made sauces, dressings & seasonings are made with GF ingredients. The wheat products we do use are generally pre-made meatballs (our house made meatballs are GF), ready to bake bread or tortilla products (no raw wheat flour flying around our kitchen) and we have a dedicated area for preparing these foods. Please inquire if you any questions or dietary concerns.