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A Love for Food, Wellness & Happiness

Welcome to the online home of Black Kettle Kitchen! We are a small family business nestled in the Bitterroot Mountains of North Idaho . Our "Kitchen" is a private, licensed, processing facility located on our family homestead. We raise our own pork, have an active flock of laying hens and garden. We truly believe that wellness begins with what you consume and we cherish foods that are natural, organic and made from simple ingredients.

Black Kettle Kitchen started out in the tea & herb industry. We make signature blends of organic loose leaf tea & tisanes, soup seasonings and other herbal creations. We hand craft each blend with premium, organic ingredients to ensure quality and satisfaction in every cup of tea, bowl of soup or seasoned dish. The "Shop Our Pantry" is scheduled to launch by Fall of 2019, but for now our blends are available locally at Lisa's Gems in Kellogg, Idaho, Sol & Serre  flower studio in Wallace, Idaho and by contacting BKK. Our tea is also available for breakfast at Goose'n the Tree Breakfast Cafe in Pinehurst, Idaho.

Beyond the world of tea, we have extended our herbal passion into the food industry. We understand that not everyone loves to cook or has time in the modern day workforce, so we decided to offer a variety of food options for businesses. We wanted to create something to make eating healthier, natural and organic foods just a little bit easier, so we offer "Pop-Up Menus" for business lunch deliveries and we provide custom food orders and catering for business meetings and other business related events. Our menu options vary with flavors from around the world, which include soups, salads, sandwiches, bowl food, spring rolls and various options unique to the Silver Valley.

When we're not blending tea or making lunch deliveries, you will find us at our local farmer's market, catering for special events or hosting tea parties! Our site is currently under construction, but we will add new information frequently, so feel free to browse often to see our latest updates.


Tresa Johnson, owner

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